A Brief Account: Guggenheim Day

The 3rd day will forever be known as “Guggenheim day” or “let’s get lost in the not so nice looking neighbourhood (based on our false preconceptions of European slums and our middle class up bringing) and all have the same concerns for wellbeing but not voice them till we get back to the hotel Day” so let’s go with “Guggenheim Day”. This time we didn’t get lost on our journey to the Guggenheim, walking along the eastside of the river we got some really good views of city and I came of this bit of internet trivia which made me smile knowing that pointless internet “inside jokes” do truly translate.


There were more instances of their use of recreational space such as parks being based on concrete and steel instead of “natural” grass areas as well interesting where builds appear to have just been removed like a city of Lego bricks awaiting another building to be clip into place.

Lego Buildings

As for Guggenheim, it was uniquely pleasing aesthetically from the outside and the same can be said for the architecture on the inside. I am aware that Jason has covered the art contain within the Guggenheim to a great extent, however I would like to briefly touch upon the lack of Basque art displayed there. Of course the Guggenheim is an international gallery and has set exhibitions from all over the world; however it boasts a selection of local Basque artists and on our visit only one piece could be found.

Edward Chilida – Embrace XI – Steel
(San Sebastian 1924 – 2002).

On our way back we crossed La Salve Bridge to walk back along the west side of the river back to the hotel working of a basic (which looking back know was probably a tourist map) I got us lost and accidentally took us back through an interesting area to the north Bilbao. Housing on the hills look like it could be quite expensive and just over the road were again more giant accommodation tower blocks.

Nice looking houses

Flat Tower Block

So yea we got lost again, and it was also very wet again.



Urban Dictionary (2012) Urban Dictionary: Trololo [online] available from <http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Trololo&defid=4773716> [3/25 2012]


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