A Brief Account: Like We Needed to Get Lost for Nth Time

The last day we conducted our “official derive” which was brilliant because if we got lost that was point so well done us when we did get lost. Starting from old town at the end of the derive were some where way north (we think).

Our derive and where we thought we were

Ultimately I have only a have a rough idea of the path we took to these 3 different destinations and given the length of the journey it is possible we walked all of Bilbao going from place to place. What we did see was an up and down see saw effect from what looked like run down areas to well maintained communities although in the south there were numerous abandoned industrial buildings which had fallen into disrepair interestingly these were located next a handful of educational inst

Disrepair Building on corner

We followed 10 directions per person – 50 in total. These directions varied from “straight for 5 minutes” and “next left then right” to “follow the direction of the wind for 2 minutes” or  “walk until you see a dog or Athletic Club flag” of course these did get us good and lost as the map can attest to.

Of course we made it back safe and to be expect wet and cold.

The last “day”

We then left the hotel in the early hours of the morning got a plane or two and relaxed; this journey can be summed below.

The way home was long.



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