A Brief Account: When We Landed

While my account of Bilbao may be similar to the others who also conducted our field research and it was over a month ago, but here is a brief account of my (and the groups) short time in Bilbao, Spain. This brief account has been sourced and elaborated on from hand written notes by myself and my clearly impeccable memory.

The first day was terrifying (personally), my Basque was bad and my Spanish no better. We found our hotel and did all that stuff that you don’t need to know about. What was of note however was the taxi ride was over to Old Town from the airport, there was an extensive amount of graffiti on the bridges leading towards the city centre while most of them looked like individual artists “tags” as mentioned in another post there was also a lot of Anarchy symbols on the route in and across the city in fact. Of course after visiting the southern areas of Spain it could be suggested that this is not linked to any form of Basque freedom but a simple and popular symbol to graffiti. Of course there were some definitely interesting pictures to be taken on the out skirts of the city limits.

Graffiti on the way to Old Town



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